Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tags and 20 Design Principles

I have added tags (or labels as likes to call them) to my posts today grouping my posts here into:
  • Design Principles: Advice on how to construct maps in any virtual globe so not software specific.
  • HowTo: Specific advice how to do things in Google Earth
  • Experiments: Projects I've done worth discussing
  • GE Wish List: Things I would like to see in Google Earth
  • Project Review: Reviews of the work of others
You can access all the posts in a group using the links top right of this page.

Since Design Principles are the most numerous and important posts on this blog here's a complete list as of today:

3D Rears its Ugly Head Again
2005 - 2015: the Lost Decade of Neo-Geography?
Google Earth: Poster or Database?
Illustrating Scale
Map Design Improvements
Hallway Testing
Talk: Design in Google Earth
Think Old Newspapers
Tufte ideas on Google Earth Projects II
Tufte ideas on Google Earth Projects
Folders: The 3 x 4 x 5 rule
Folders as Picture Frames
Can't See the Wood for the Gerrymandering
Introductions II - By Video
What You're Gonna Tell 'Em - Introductions
3D Maps
Death to Acronyms
Introductions Help Your Users
Good Icon Design

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