Friday, June 5, 2009

Open StreetMap Foot Paths

Via Frank at Google Earth Blog and Mapperz I came across a KMZ of Open StreetMap tiles. I had a look and was impressed with the footpath data, this isn't available in the Google base mapping. As an example this is the area around where I live in Fritham:


Frank Taylor said...

Hi Rich...OpenSteetMap does indeed have better footpath data in this region. However, to be fair, Google Earth's Gallery layers includes a couple of footpaths in the area and there's one not in the OpenStreetMap data under "EveryTrail". In some areas of the world, Google has a good number of footpaths/bike trails (GPS tracks). In the US, there's a layer from the National Parks Service with lots of nice trails data.

Rich Treves said...

A good point. I can imagine there are great trails visible in GE from the NPS.

I couldn't find a 'trails' layer in Earth's Gallery for Fritham, am I missing something?

BTW, the everytrail track around Fritham is me testing out everytrail with my iphone! (love it!)