Friday, June 12, 2009

Google Earth Tinting Problem: Green River Blues

Frank has noted the green tinting of base data in Google Earth already, I just wanted to add my 2c worth: Today I'm trying to put together a practical using GEarth in the area around Mt St Helens, I'm getting students to look at the effect of the 1980 eruption on trees. The elevation data is fantastic, the imagery is brilliant, good enough to identify separate trees but then Google have gone and tinted it all green which makes identifying trees more difficult. See the green river in the screenshot above.

I have noted the misuse of regions functionality in Google Earth before but its way of changing data based on your altitude is the solution to this problem. As Frank points out in his post, he suggested the solution to the 'stripey earth' problem ages ago - at altitude use blended data, lower down, let us see the stripes.

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