Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Blog or Twitter?

You may have noticed I've started twittering, there's a feed on the main page of my blog. Originally I thought twittering sounded like a sure fire way to interupt me constantly and stop me producing anything. However, talking to a friend I realised its a 'pull' technology rather than 'push'. No one expects you to read all their tweets. However, there still wasn't a good reason to actually tweet myself until I reflected on how I use this blog.

Blog as Notebook: This blog has multiple purposes but one I didn't predict when I started is that it serves as a kind of notebook. By writing things that can be read by all I'm forced to write better prose than I would if I was scribbling notes only for myself and I record all those useful links properly too. I probably search for something in my blog every other day or so on average and its been useful to see how my thinking changes on things.

Twitter and Lack of Time : The problem with this is that many of my ideas would make an interesting blog post but I don't have time to write them all up. Writing the basics of an idea in 140 characters (all you get in a tweet) is a challenge but it also gives me an excuse to jot an idea down without devoting an hour to writing it up in normal blog post. So as an experiment I've started tweeting and following some twitters to get the hang of it.

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