Friday, February 27, 2009

Hudson Plane Crash in Google Earth

I'm not often one to be overawed by content in Google Earth but if you watch one thing today, have a look at this: Its a tour following flight 1549

as it crash landed in the Hudson River and is really something special. Its by Jeral Poskey via Google Earth Blog, make sure you turn on 3D buildings layer to watch it.

The voices of all the flight controllers are added in real time. As Frank notes, the coolness of the pilot is amazing. Also you can hear the flight controllers talking really quickly about all the normal things they say like runways and altitudes - obviously they can talk at this speed because they and the pilots are used to hearing the set phrases. When the pilot reports the bird strike you can hear the controller's speech slow right down, obviously because this is not what he normally gets to say. You can just imagine the adrenaline pumping.

One thing that I thought worth adding was video of the event - I had a look on YouTube and here's something that I think adds to the tour:

Video of the Crash in Google Earth

but I don't think that comment should detract from an excellent piece of work by Jeral.

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