Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zakouma Ivory Wars and Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Last week I said this blog would be reviewing projects more projects, I also released a set of tutorials. One of the activities in the tutorials is that users review the design of two Google Earth projects and see how their thoughts line up with my own. So if you click the 'click here' button in the review activity you can read a review of both of the following projects:

Screen Shot of the Zakouma Project

Zakouma: Is still in the Google Earth Outreach Showcase, in my review I list a number of problems I have with it but, even if you disagree with some of my points, a lot of the links the project relies upon are now broken (hence the crosses in the above screen shot). I think Google Outreach and National Geographic should either remove it or get it improved and updated.

Screen Shot of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Cornwall Wildlife Trust: I'm a lot more complementary about this project which is also in the Google Earth Outreach Showcase but I still wonder if they should have used web pages rather than Google Earth to convey this information.

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