Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Google Presenter/Google Earth Tour Builder mash up

About three years ago I wrote a post about the value of mashing up Google Earth with Google Presentations.  With the appearance of Google Earth Tour Builder I thought I'd look at the idea again.

Idea:  If you use a GET for a presentation its really useful to mashup presentation slides with maps and virtual flights in Google Earth.  What I tend to do is flick between the two while I present which isn't ideal and takes a bit of skill.  Much better if you could combine the two.

Old Solution:  My previous experiment involved putting Google Presentation slides into the client.  It was kind of useful but clunky to put together.

New Solution:  Links are possible in GE tour builder.  They've changed Google Presentations so that its less easy to link to an individual slide in a presentation but its still possible.

Example using Google Earth Tour Builder

1] Create a Google Earth tour with the builder tool

2] Create a presentation using Google Presenter.

3] Within your presentation, in edit mode, go to the slide you wish to use

4] Within your tour, choose the place slide you wish to link from.  In the 'TELL THE STORY' box, create a link to your presentation slide.

5] repeat 3 and 4 as many times as you wish

6] Click done editing

MUCH easier than my first experiment to put together!  You can now navigate to different places and click the links to get to the slide.  If you right click > "open in new tab" on the link the presentation will open and you can just close that tab when done and go back to the tour.  However, it takes some time for the slide to load up as you are actually loading all the slides at once.  If you just open the link, you'll lose your place in the tour when you come back as you will get bumped back to the start of the tour.

Also you don't have the ability to have the bullets appear one by one, you just get a static slide.

In conclusion, easy to put together but GETB needs be developed so it play's nicely with Google Presenter to make it a really powerful tool.

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