Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Great Student Work

One of my enjoyable tasks over the summer is running the Geography sessions for 'Access to Southampton' which is a widening participation program aimed at bringing in students to Southampton University whatever their educational or social background.  We do some teaching with 6th formers and then offer them a better A level offer to come to Southampton if they successfully complete an assignment.

Students had about an hour face to face teaching on how to use Google Earth and were asked to use some online materials I prepared to produce a "space story" an activity I've discussed before ("space stories" section here) .  The example below is from Shaheer and is a tour around Mt St Helens Volcano discussing the 1980 eruption.  Given Shaheer's age and the amount of teaching time given, I thought this was a fantastic piece of work.

Well done Shaheer!

It should be said that there was some other great work done by the other students but they didn't record their work on YouTube (they didn't have to).

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