Thursday, June 6, 2013

Create Video of Google Earth Tour

Update 19:20 BST:  I originally referred to a person here who didn't wish to be name checked so I've removed his name.

The way to do this is to use a screen recorder, I got my students to do this for an assignment recently so I thought I'd share the instructions they got on how to do this with screencast-o-matic (Jing is another free alternative but I haven't got it to work).

Tip:  Get on the machine with the best graphics card you have, effectively the computer needs to process output from Google Earth AND record the screen at the same time.

8] Note:  Screencast-o-matic works on Uni machines but may not work on other machines depending on browser and java plugins.  

8.1] Click ‘Start Recording’ and a dotted box will appear.  For screen:

Click the size dropdown (blue arrows) > ‘small HD’.  

This is a good size for practising but you want to choose ‘Full HD’ for any true recordings as this is the largest resolution for YouTube. 

8.2] Drag the dotted box over your prezi presentation (don’t worry it isn’t big enough).  
Arrage the dotted box so its above the arrow controls in Prezi.  You don’t want to record you clicking the arrows in the presentation.

8.3]  Start the recording by clicking the red button.  Click through the prezi view points using the arrows.  

When you are finished click DONE.  Your recording should play on screen.  From here we could publish to YouTube but we shouldn’t do at the moment as we don’t have rights to the images or video we’ve used.  To find out how to find images and videos you can use see and search via

UPDATE, 17.45 BST:  I'm reminded that you need to be careful to stay within Google's terms and conditions.  See

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