Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simple Mapping tools: Google Earth, Gemma and Digimap

I'm giving a lecture on Thursday to first year geographers on tools for simple mapping suitable for geography assignments.  My choices?
If you step through this prezi presentation to the end you can see:
  • My bullet points for the lecture
  • To the right of the bullet points for each one I've added some commentary that you have to zoom into to read
  • below the bullet points is a YouTube video walkthrough (links GemmaDigimap) for each one except Google Earth which has a link to an earlier tutorial of mine.  Note that the digimap one assumes you're a Southampton Uni student so can sign into the service.
Prezi maps: You might also like to follow the prezi through, I link to some of my favourite maps and there's commentary on most of them (in the form of the same small scale writing to the right) too.  

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