Friday, May 11, 2012

Google Earth Tours Sound Work Around

In our Google Earth Tours (GET) project we've come across a problem with sound files playing in GETs:

  • If you record the tour in sections and then try and marry them together using the KML, the sound in zipped in the KMZ fails to play
  • We've had difficulty playing audio tours generally.
A work around Paolo has come up with today is that if you put the .aac file (or .mp3) on the web and reference it with a full URL in the KML file, it will work. It makes for some fiddling around but at least we're not stuck not being able to play tours.

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JB said...

That's pretty much what I did earlier to fix the file you sent me, except I used a local, relative address (e.g. files/part3.acc) and manually zipped to KMZ (compress doc.kml + "files" folder, then change the .zip extension to .kmz)...see your email. I think the sound issue relates to the (re)naming of the sound files in the resaved KMZ.