Friday, April 20, 2012

Teacher Training Events and Tours Problems [GE v6.1}

This blog has been very quiet as I've been concentrating on teaching this winter and spring.  I'm finding some more time though so keep watching.

Geo Teacher's Institutes:  I'll be involved in the London presentation of these face to face training days, not sure which of the 2 days yet.  For the moment, save the date.

Education on Air Conference:  I'm also presenting a session for this conference via Google+ hangouts on Google Earth Tours for education.  If you want to be part of the 8 invitees follow the link and impress me with a comment that makes me think you'll be useful/interesting in the session.  Don't worry though, if you can't be part of the session actively, you can watch as a webcast or catch up with the whole session on YouTube later.

Tours Problems, Google Earth v6.1 and v6.2:  I have a class of students producing tours for meand I'm building some tours myself.  I've noticed a number of problems recording tours in the new versions of GE namely:

  • Layers not appearing within tours as they should
  • Audio not syncing with elements turning on and off (bug tracker report)
  • Audio not replaying (especially when recording on macs and moving to PCs or visa versa)

so if you're thinking of producing complex tours at the moment, be wary (I think you maybe OK with simple tours).  You may want to wait for Google to fix these issues.

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