Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GA Conference 2011 - Links and Slides

I had a great time at the GA conference last week, I gave two workshops on using Google Earth in education. Lots of people thought the sessions should be longer and asked for links to the materials. These are the slides from the Introductory session (you'll need a Google account if you haven't already got one). They include:
  • Links to the first 3 lessons as presented in the session
  • A Link to video versions of the other 5 lessons
  • Links to the files I used to illustrate the Case Studies
These are the Advanced Session Slides. They include:
  • More Case Studies of use
I'll write up some thoughts on the conference later.

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GeoBlogs said...

Great stuff...
One of my projects is to explore Google Fusion Tables in more depth. I found a few things a couple of months or so ago, but need to sit down and work through it. The 3D geology things are great too :)