Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NeoCartography Commision and New Design Blog

A couple of developments passed through my inbox this week with the encouraging news that there a growing number of us interested in GeoWeb Usability or NeoCartography:

Linking neo-geographers and cartographers: Steve Chilton (who I interviewed on this blog in 2007 ) is the nominated chair of a proposed International Cartographers Association Commission on NeoCartography. The basic idea is to foster links between the communities of cartography and neogeography, I've just emailed Steve to add my own support as its clear to me that both communities have much to learn from one another.

An Italian Map Design Blog: Giacomo Andreucci from Bologna University emailed me to tell me he enjoys this blog (thanks) , has launched a new maps design blog and that he has produced his own variation of my (old!) list of 10 worst design errors . He has also produced a book which I can't comment on as its in Italian but he tells me he starts it with his own 10 design errors.

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