Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Google Earth Presentation II

Last weeks tutorial on creating presentations was complex so I produced an XL spreadsheet to simplify things. The instructions to use this are:

How To Make Your own Presentation:
  1. You will need a Google Account so you can create Google docs and to be able to produce a Presentation in docs.
  2. In Google Docs create your presentation (relevant help).
  3. Click Share (top right) > Publish/Embed then copy the link that appears under the 'Your document is viewable at'. Paste this text (beginnin "https://..." into cell C2 of this spreadsheet. Select the big cell with lots of text below it and right click > Copy.
  4. Back in GEarth, select 'temporary places' in the places column and right click > Paste. Click on the cross to the left of 'KmlFile' to expand your list. You've just created a set of 10 placemarks with links to your presentation. If your presentation is less than 10 slides long you can delete the unnecessary placemarks.
  5. Choose your starting position, generally you want to start with a high view covering all the locations if that's possible. Select the ''Presentation" folder and create a tour flying from here to your first location (tour creation howto). Call it something sensible, e.g. "tour 1"
  6. Drag your Tour up the list until it is above the "**Click for Slide1**" text
  7. You can now test your presentation, double click the tour then when its complete, click the line "**Click for Slide1" and you should see your presentation slide in.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 creating lots of tours that you drag inbetween the slide placemarks.
  9. Select the KmlFile icon and Right click > save as to save the presentation.

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