Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Google Earth Layers

Interesting comment from Frank on Google Earth Blog:

"One of the weakest areas of Google Earth is its layer interface. Mostly due to the fact that it is not easy to find layers without opening lots of folders. If Google would just add "search" to the layers pane things would get much better. An option to memorize certain favorite layer sets would be another improvement. There's so much information available in the layers, but my perception is that few people discover whats hidden there."
Couldn't agree more.

I also worry that even when someone opens a layer, they may not realise that they have to fly down before anything will appear. I discuss this properly here.


Anonymous said...

My biggest complaint about layers is that it's a pain to keep switching between common "sets" of layers I like to use in different situation. Sometimes, I need roads, traffic, and little else... sometimes I want everything including the kitchen sink. Sometimes, I use a mix of specific points of interest, street view, 3d buildings, etc. I would like to have a set of custom "layer presets" available at the very top of the Layers panel, where I can set up my most common layer configs, and switch between (or activate multiple) with one or two clicks, instead of click, scroll, unselect this, expand that, select this and this but not that, etc.

Figured this might be a good relevant thing to throw out there :)

Thanks for listening!

Rich Treves said...

Frank suggested 'favourites' which is fairly mainstream. I can see that common configurations would be useful but I think it would be for power users only.

Personally I keep most of the layers off most of the time except terrain. But then I'm a geographer who puts loads of his own stuff in so I'm not usual.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a couple of simple toggle buttons for Roads as well as Region/Layers/3D on the Toolbar come in handy here? And what about an Opacity slider for layers on the Toolbar, making nice wide screen views possible?

Otherwise?: Best web application known to the human kind, so far.