Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eddie Iz Running Via Google Earth

Eddie Iz Running Tour: Click to Play and Turn Speakers On!

Eddie Izzard is a popular English Comedian, he's doing an amazing 40 marathons back to back for charity around the UK. He's tweeting, taking photos and reporting his position as he goes so since its for charity, I got the material together and put it into GEarth and produced an audio tour.

Quality and Platform: The quality of the tour and the materials are a bit rough and ready (I need to get a better mic!) because I'm limited in time on this project but I hope it puts the idea across that a trip or expedition can be excellently presented using the GeoWeb as the main platform. I've discussed this before in the context of a trip Stephen Fry took.

Twitter and Maps: All the materials in the tour were manually collated by myself but tweets/photos can be automatically put in a map as in this non-official site (that appeared after I'd started work on this).

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