Thursday, April 16, 2009

Famelab Entry

In all of my video tutorials and tours (where you can't incorporate video easily) I've never used video footage of myself. I think it can be very useful so when the famelab competition appeared I thought it would be a good idea to have a go and develop some skills in filming at the same time. Here's my entry:

Notes on the content: This explanation comes from James Lovelock who thought of it while working on the Mars Viking program whose mission was to send space craft to Mars to see if martian life existed. The idea led onto him developing what he calls the Gaia hypothesis but which the scientific community has incorporated into thinking as Earth System Science. The competition bans the use of special effects so no video footage of Google Mars :(

Thoughts on the process: I am quite happy standing up in front of hundreds of people giving a presentation. However, faced with the lens of my video camera I found myself stuttering and losing my train of thought - this is take 15! It wasn't that I dropped the martian toy or anything, I was just flumoxed by talking without an audience. Towards the end, I got used to it.

It would have been nice to do something more original than a static talking head shot but I thought I'd keep it simple for my first attempt.


Frank Taylor said...

Cute talk...and I fully appreciate the challenge in narrating your talk on video. However, it does get easier. When I first started making YouTube videos about Google Earth content, I would have to practice narration several times to get both the timing and clarity of my words right. But, now it rarely takes me more than two or three times - and sometimes on the first try.

Rich Treves said...

Thanks Frank, it did feel like I would never get it right to start with but, as with all types of narration, it suddenly came together and I'm sure I'd get it right faster next time.