Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunken Scilly Islands

Stefan has details of problems with the new bathymetry in Google Earth, he found some uninhabited islands that have disappeared. To add to the list the Scilly Islands off the UK coast no longer appear in Google Earth and its reported there were 2000 people living there in 1995.

Google Earth screen shot off the Cornish coast UK. The Scilly Islands are gone but you can still drive around...

I couldn't resist putting them back again as an overlay, which takes you to the correct location too:

Scilly Islands Overlay

Please note that I resisted the temptation to title this post 'Scilly Google'.


George said...

We are still here.
And still at the 2000 people living here too.
How do get google earth to pit us back onto the planet?

Rich Treves said...

Hi George,

Enough people at Google read this blog to get the message and they're pretty on the ball at putting things right so I don't expect you'll have to wait long.


George said...

Ah thats great..

If and when they put us back do you think that they could upgrade the imagery, as before we dissapeared we were just a fuzzy blob..LOL!
Cheers George

Rich Treves said...


Being a fuzzy blob is down to Google's list of priorities in improving resolution. With only 2000 people, they're more interested in improving other bits of the UK. However, I am a bit surprised, as a tourist destination you'd think a lot of people would look at the scilly islands and Google would therefore have bought high res imagery.