Monday, July 16, 2007

Google Earth Projects that Suck?

One of the most successful websites about website design is the wonderfully titled Unforgettable title and does exactly what it says on the tin - shows you truly bad design from around the web and points it out in no uncertain terms. It's always fun to titter at the inept and, if they go ahead and publish their flawed work to the world well, they get what they deserve don't they?

I did toy with the idea of doing that on this blog. There are some eye wincingly bad google earth projects out there and it would be enormous fun to point you at the indecipherable messes people have published so we could all have a laugh, but its just not my style. This probably comes from the years I spent working at the Open University (OU) where I met a lot of wonderful students. They varied in their reasons for taking a distance learning course but one type was someone who was fiercely loyal to the OU and had been out of education for 20 years. All too commonly they had had terrible experiences at school like being humiliated in front of their peers and told they would never amount to much. Knowing they had under achieved and feeling they wanted to prove themselves they were brave enough to come back to education after all those years. It was wonderful to see them bloom under the excellent support and professional feedback that the OU provides.

So I can't blog googleearthprojectsthatsuck, its constructive cricitism and a right to reply or nothing. I've started emailing a few contacts responsible for some of the well known Google Earth projects out there and I hope to start bringing you some case studies in the near future.

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