Thursday, April 10, 2008

Outreach Launch in the UK

I'm blogging this from the launch of Outreach at the Google office in the UK. At the moment Sean is showing the spreadsheet tool, sorry Sean, I love it already so I'm doing a post.

Outreach is about helping NGOs (non government organizations such as charities) to use Google Earth as an outreach tool. This morning there was a talk by Sir David Attenborough launching ARKive, he told a story about how he first filmed the Komodo dragons for the first time and later in the day we saw a movie clip from Google Earth of the dragons from within GE. The highlight of the day for me so far has been his quote:

"Google Earth is an amazingly powerful weapon that we all can use to protect our planet"

couldn't put it better myself.

Sorry for the lack of links but I'm doing this from a machine that isn't my own laptop.

This blog isn't about breaking news like Stefan and Frank (Ogle Earth or Google Earth Blog respectively) but I am finding it kind of fun reporting on something that they are missing. Hi guys :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! How dare you report on something we haven't... oh, wait a minute, we already reported on those new layers:


Rich Treves said...

yeah, saw you'd beaten me to it on reporting the layers so I couldn't really claim a 'scoop' but I did enjoy being able to report a Google event you weren't at :)